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Nationally Consistent Collection of Data program

2 August 2017

The Australian Government wants to plan better for the needs of students with disability and additional health, wellbeing or learning needs. The government requires schools to include in this data any students with medical action plans, social and emotional or behavior support needs, physical and sensory disabilities, or difficulties with learning language and literacy. The government needs to collect information about the number of children who have needs in any of these categories, and also wants to know what level of support is being provided for them. This support might vary from normal classroom adjustments to very intensive daily support. The data will be used to determine how the students’ ongoing needs will impact on the government’s funding and resourcing in the future.

Like all schools in Western Australia, Beverley District High School has been asked to provide information about the number of children in our school with medical, social-emotional or additional learning needs, and the number of students with recognized disabilities. We will also provide information about the level of support that each student requires. The information is confidential and no child’s name will be provided to the Commonwealth.

  • Your child may be included in the tally is he or she:
  • Has a medical plan requiring regular school level monitoring
  • Requires assistance with self-care activities at school
  • Has a support plan to assist with resilience, engagement or behaviour, or needs some additional help in one of these areas
  • Receives additional support with language, literacy or numeracy learning
  • Has an individual education plan or an individual behaviour plan
  • Is part of a special educational program


Please contact me at the school if you would like any more information about the data collection program or would like confirmation that your child is or is not included in this tally.

Wendy Moore


Beverley District High School






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